Lucy Greer - Oso Jewellery

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Jewellery maker

ā€œIā€™m like a magpie, I just love jewellery. But whilst I was in Mexico I started getting into a couple of jewellers who were also artists, just buying their stuff.

I saw this course and just thought I'll just have a go, just for fun. My Spanish at the time was not good so even though it's a very visual thing I missed a lot of the explanation, I didn't really get it.

So that was almost a pothole. I still enjoyed it though and then one of the jewellers that I loved gave me a couple of classes. I was like I love you, I want to be like you.ā€

Lucy Greer is the founder of Oso Jewellery. Inspired by two jewellers she came across during her time living in Mexico she now makes beautiful, minimalist jewellery.