Diana Figueiredo


tattoo artist, CERAMICIST, painter, maker

For me, without sounding too wanky, [creativity] is the essence of life. It is absolutely innate in me; I’ve always been creative. Everything I do is creative, whether it’s laying the table or putting up pictures in my room, dancing, singing, learning languages. Just that feeling of having a pen or paintbrush in my hand and feeling the paint go on - when I don’t do it, I get really sad. I feel like I’m not living my life. This is why I want to launch it now, if I don’t do it I’ll never forgive myself. I’ve always been struggling, part time doing this, part time doing that, thinking of money, always sacrificing something, but I have to do this. It’s what I’m about, It’s my core. Creative, designer, maker.

So much energy, so much vitality - Diana is an absolute pleasure to be with. We’re excited to be working together with our Creative Soul Session Workshops.