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Meet the Team at Doppler

Doppler Effect helps creators and founders from any discipline or background make a living wage. We provide a platform and a network of other creators, alongside our advice and resources, to ensure that you get to do what you love.


Get to know the Doppler lot, and what we can do for you.


danielle morgan - founder & director

Hi, I’m Danielle (AKA Flumps), founder of the Doppler Effect. I’ve been in the marketing world for 18 years now, working with a whole selection of wonderful and weird companies. I’ve had some highs and lows, singing ‘Like A Virgin’ into a mobile phone to a room of marketing directors at the BBC springs to mind. But I love it. I love people. I’m a real champion of the underdog and a firm believer that everybody has something special and lovely about them. I’m yet to be disproved.



jess blackwell - creative assistant 

I’m Jess. My job at Doppler is to keep everything running smoothly. So that involves a bit of everything, including (but not limited to) website design, research, strategy, interviewing, social media management and a fair bit of copywriting too. I even get to check out some creative events when I'm really lucky. Aside from that, my interests include loud opinions, literature, cats and female empowerment. I'm also the proud owner of disco ball earrings. 



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Hey, my name is Hadya, Marketing Executive here at Doppler Effect. I'm also going into my final year as a law student at the University of Bristol. My role is a broad one - it includes organising the operational side of Doppler, meeting creators, assisting with marketing strategy and also managing imagery. I've got an eclectic mix of interests but, for a quick run through, I'm quite into films and series, photography, mellow r&b, cooking and being out in the sun!