Our Team


Danielle Morgan - FOUNDER & DIrector 

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Hi, I’m Danielle (AKA Flumps), founder of the Doppler Effect. I’ve been in the marketing world for 17 years now, working with a whole selection of wonderful and weird companies. I’ve  had some highs and lows - singing ‘Like A Virgin’ into a mobile phone to a room of marketing directors at the BBC springs to mind. I tend to find myself in a lot of unusual situations. I once accidentally found myself at the front of a massive Navy briefing, holding a sausage sandwich, hungover. I just attract chaos and bizarre situations and strangeness. It’s kind of my thing. Well, that and chatting to everyone and anyone. But I love it. I love people. I’m a real champion of the underdog and a firm believer that everybody has something special and lovely about them. I’m yet to be disproved.

I class myself as an ‘introverted extrovert’. For those who don’t know, that basically means that I try to win attention but when I do win it, I hate it. Go figure. It does however add variety to my life -  which is another thing I love. It’s why I find questions like ‘favourite book’ or ‘favourite film’ impossible. How could I choose?! I’ll have a go though. My ‘favourite’ book is Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The way he writes is just bloody marvellous and he’s a definite influence for my current sci-fi novel (called P.O.T.A.T.O if you’re interested - I’ll explain the title another time). My favourite poet is Yeats, specifically He Wishes For The Cloths of Heaven. I’ve never known another poet describe young love with such accuracy or beauty, he is quite simply, endlessly interesting. Music wise? I love The Smiths, I’ve even seen Mozzer 6 times and I think Bowie is just brilliant and a role model in all I do.

And the other stuff? All the small details? Let me see… I have a faulty sense of direction and an even faultier confidence in crossing roads. Mindfulness pulls the strings of my life together. My favourite meal is my boyfriend’s poached eggs on toast, I have it approximately 4 times a week.  I cameoed on Chris Evan’s breakfast show aged 12 ( I was the giggling in the background.) I hate cars but love interconnectivity. I find humongous joy in the smallest things, and the things that people find irritating, like seagulls. I like to think of them as my very own vocal fan club. My favourite outfit is my Queen outfit that I (shamefully) stole from St.Catherine’s Docks. Imagine me in a black velvet bejewelled body with lace arms. And last but not least - my favourite day would be unplanned, with laughter, singing and dancing, with time spent alone and with everyone. We’d go on beautiful calm walks, cook nice food and drink nice coffee, do some face painting and arts and crafts, all in fancy dress. Then I’d have a really good sleep. And a dog would be there. No, 3 dogs actually. 🐔


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Jess Blackwell - Marketing Executive

Heya, so I’m Jess - lover of disco, cider, cats and female empowerment.  Creativity is what inspires me, whether that’s me doing it or others. Writing is a huge passion of mine, especially when I have the pleasure of writing about stuff that I can get all emotional about. (Check out my opinion pieces if you fancy it). It also comes in handy considering I study English Literature at Uni.

My interests? Well, I also love to cook, especially when I get to eat it all after. I also enjoy baking but i’m not sure if I can make that claim considering I’ve been making the same brownies for 10 years now. My favourite poem is The Cat and the Moon by Yeats (I have a tattoo for that) or Conversation Piece by Robert Graves (I don’t have a tattoo for that). My favourite film is American Beauty or Hercules. My favourite piece of art is a painting my very arty and danish friend did for me. I love sunflowers and try to grow them every summer (with varying success) and my favourite outfit must always include my baker boy hat or my all over silver sequin flares. If I need to be cheered up, the quickest way to do is a hot chocolate and a pastry. Oh, and I’m a twin. She’s the glamorous one.

I’m also a strong believer of the importance of casual bravery in conversations, being bold and standing by the ethos that no one can make you uncomfortable unless you permit it. But, do it gracefully and with humour. Or try to anyway. I’m also a firm believer that meeting cats on a walk to work is a blessing and a sign of a good day. And that, is me all summed up. 🌻


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Hadya Shawki - Marketing Executive

Hey, my name is Hadya. I’m the Marketing Executive here at DE and also a 2nd year law student on the side (kidding…its takes up my entire life). I’m Egyptian but I’ve lived in Qatar for half of my life.  I love listening to all types of music but when it comes to a ‘Walk to Uni’ playlist I turn to R&B, latin music and afrobeats. Going to Santorini, Greece is at the top of my bucket list, so is skydiving, seeing Tory Lanez live and living in Spain for a year to practice my Spanish!

I can never decide on a favourite film/song/show but I’ll just list some of the special ones: ‘Friends’ (a classic), anything by Shonda Rhimes (genius woman), or maybe even  ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Mindhunter’, or ’True Detective’. For films, equally difficult, but I’d say: ’Her’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ ‘I Origins’, and ‘Comet’. I spend the little free time I have indulging in one of the above or just hanging out with friends. I try to read (all the other things like a Law degree tend to get in the way a bit). The last two books I’ve read were ‘Misery’ by Stephen King and ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ by Neil Gaiman. I’d recommend the read.

And the last few things -  If there is one thing I admire in someone its honesty. So, I try to surround myself with honest, positive people and just good vibes! (uni is stressful as it is). Another thing I don’t get to do as often I’d like is taking photographs, which I absolutely love doing. Check my stuff out on here! Hopefully I’ll be adding some more as time goes on. A perfect day for me would be a beach day, just dipping in and out of the water, laying in the sun (where is the sun in England!?) and just doing all the classic beach stuff. Sunglasses on, cool drink in hand. 🌈