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Blood and Butchery in Bedminster

Every Tuesday the aptly named ‘Blood and Butchery in Bedminster’ delves deep into the area’s gruesome history and how its pubs play a key role in these stories; including tales of body snatchers, concrete coffins, hangings judges and the most notorious heist in living memory. 

Created by the theatre company Show of Strength, Blood and Butchery in Bedminster begins at The Rope Walk on Bedminster Parade and explores tales of murder, mystery, betrayal and bullion, visiting pubs and landmarks along the way.

Punters can expect to be regaled with the gruesome tale of John Horwood; sentenced to hang in 1821 at what is now The Steam Crane. However the fate of Horwood travels far beyond the gallows, where he met a violent and macabre end. A forgotten Victorian murder, the fate of Princess Caraboo and the mysterious disappearance of Mr Lomas will all be explored, as well as Bedminster’s extraordinary role in Britain’s biggest bullion robbery.

Dates/Times: Starts 7pm Lasts approx 2 hours.