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About Us


The Doppler Effect was founded in 2015 by our lovely founder, Danielle. After 18 years of working for British startups and iconic brands as a 'jack of all trades' marketeer, she decided to make a change. Inspired by Bowie, mindfulness, and the experience of writing a sci-fi novel, she decided to start a movement. Specifically, a movement that gives creative people the potential to live a sustainable, meaningful life.

The Doppler Effect exists to help people discover their callings and lead more fulfilling, meaningful lives.

As a team of writers, photographers and musicians, we get how hard the creative process can be. And, as marketeers and professionals, we understand the steps that need to be taken to become self-sufficient creatives.

We understand that advice and practical support is beneficial, but we also understand that you need to be in the right place mentally to engage with any of that. That’s why we look after your wellbeing too - providing a supportive, non-judgemental and likeminded community that supports you along the way - no matter what stage you’re at. 

That’s why we’re building a global marketing and wellbeing app that helps people pursue their ambitions. We encourage collaboration within the community and guide people through difficulties - professional or personal - supplying the tools that you need to become a self-sufficient creator and getting you doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

Everyone’s welcome, always.

Just come with a love for what you do.

The Doppler Effect