MEET: Scarlett Kennedy


Bolder Clothing

Founder / Fashion Designer

Meet Scarlett Kennedy, a girl with a great name and an even better personality. She’s a fashion student at UWE and a fan of bold colour and pattern, chocolate spread and dogs. She can tell you the rest herself.

Tell me about yourself

I love colour. I listen to a lot of colourful music.  I quickly get bored of things too. I tend to jump around from genre to genre, taste to taste. And...Jazz. Jazz is my soul.

What interests you right now?

I’ve only very very recently started allowing, or what’s the word? Giving myself space to get into my creative side. So something that interests me right now is the limitless of that. Because I haven’t explored it before, I haven’t properly found what I’m interested in and I think that’s really exciting.

What does it mean to be creative?

I think, especially for me, it’s an outlet, a relief. Just being able to explore yourself and what interests you, and what drives you. You know when you just look at something and think, that’s sick, I wanna replicate that, I want to make my own version. I think that’s what creativity is, taking something that you already really love or admire and just making it a part of your own life,

What do you do that helps you stay creative?

Giving myself time and challenging myself. As well as always looking at new things. So especially with social media, it’s so much easier to reach out and find creative people and people who inspire you. Keep it loose. Open-minded.

What’s something you do differently to most people?

When I eat cream eggs I use my finger to scoop out the cream bit inside and leave the hollow shell. So you nibble a little hole and then you use your pinky finger specifically because it’s the thinnest and then you’re just left with the chocolate egg and you eat that.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

Someone I really look up to the at the moment, I’m going to say her name wrong...Adwoa Aboah. She’s basically a model and I saw her on this Youtube channel where they interview people and they kinda undress as they talk about their lives. She really opened up about her drug addiction in the past. She’s also started this company called GirlTalk which is encouraging women to speak up about their mental health and issues and yeah, she’s really involved in high-end fashion. She also has a column in Vogue. So she’s really influential. Also, just my Mum, she keeps my going.

When you’re feeling down what’s your best way up?

Chocolate spread on toast and a cup of tea with a good friend. A cup of tea and a good chat with a friend is the cure for anything I think.

What’s your happy place?

Probably Hunstanton Beach in Norfolk. The sands go on forever. I grew up there and we used to go every single summer, I remember playing horses in the sand dunes. It’s just really beautiful there, even if the sun’s not shining. It’s the best place to be.

Does your work convey a specific emotion or message?

Not yet, I don’t think. There’s definitely stuff that I want to say but I don’t think I’ve tapped into it well enough. I just want to express...what’s important in being a person, what makes you a beautiful person. That’s definitely up there. My morals too but always keeping it lighthearted and fun, cause life is just about having fun.

What’s your favourite piece of Art?

Probably Klimt. Not The Kiss though. It’s the one of the Mother lying down with her baby on the chest. It’s the motherly love in it and, the… shiny paint. It’s so innocently beautiful

If you could get any famous person’s face painted on the ceiling who would it be?

Probably young Lenny Henry. You can’t look at Lenny Henry and feel sad. Or at least how I picture him when he used to do Red Nose Day, you can’t not crack a smile.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I think I’d probably be 26. Or actually, 32 on a Monday. 16 on a Friday night. Oh, no, 18 at least.

If happiness was the national currency what would make you rich?

Friends and cuddles. And dogs. Yeah, how many pats of a dog you’ve had that day.

How would you describe your style?

Forever changing. The biggest thing is colour. I love colour. Anything with an interesting silhouette.

Scarlett’s also the lovely lady behind the body positive tote bags. You may have seen a few about the place. They’re £12 and all profit goes to Off The Record, a charity that helps young people with mental health issues. One tote buys a 1-1 session with a counsellor. Message us for more details.

Do you want to collaborate with Scar? Just click on the button below, fill out your details and we’ll get in touch to see what we can work out.