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If you haven't figured out what the Doppler Effect 'is' yet then you're in good company. It is perhaps best described now, in it's infancy, as the beginning of an idea.   

For the last 17 years I have worked for British startups as a 'jack of all trades' marketeer (and for the fact checkers among you a few corporates too, here's my LinkedIn profile). You will know of some of them very well and some you will not. The common link between them all is that they were all started by someone who had the courage to try and make their ideas come to life. To that end every single one was successful. 

Something I noticed in this start-up and corporate world is that most people were motivated by money, I'm not saying this is a crime but to me it's a little boring and one dimensional. As a result of this motivation, creativity gets pooped on, companies go out and find people who are mind-blowingly good and then break them down to fit into a money machine and a corporate narrative. Those fantastic people then feel demoralized and where once there was a shining light of sparkles and possibility it's now replaced with a frightened person who does not know how to get out and do what they are good at, create stuff.

As I talked to more creative people I realized that it wasn't just a problem for people in commercial businesses, others groups felt the same, school leavers and students have told me that they feel they don't have the luxury to be creative and they feel under a lot of pressure to 'just get a job'. This was also common among new-ish Mum's and Dad's who needed flexibility and money but also want to create weird and wonderful things.

The Doppler Effect is here help creative people or 'creators' from any discipline or background to make a living wage. Whatever it is that you do, all we ask is that you bring us an idea that's a little bit different. A little unusual. Maybe even a little bit weird.  



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