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From all the British startups and corporates I've worked with over the past years, you will know of some of them very well and some you will not. However, the common link between all of them is that they were all started by someone who had the courage to try and make their ideas come to life. To that end, every single one was successful.

However, something I soon noticed in this start-up and corporate world is that most people were motivated by money. I'm not saying this is a crime but to me it's a little boring. Especially when what inspires me is definitely not that. 

What inspires me is fantastic people with equally fantastic ideas. However, what comes with that is the realisation that, for myself and others, creativity can feel like a risk. Especially when the start-up and corporate world seems to hover around as the ‘sensible money-making choice’. As a result, these fantastic people then feel demoralized and where once there was a shining light of sparkles and possibility it's now replaced with a frightened person who does not know how to get out and do what they are good at - create stuff.

As I talked to more creative people I realized that it wasn't just a problem for people in commercial businesses, others groups felt the same, school leavers and students have told me that they feel they don't have the luxury to be creative and they feel under a lot of pressure to 'just get a job'. In fact, this was common with so many people I talked to - from school leavers to new-ish Mum's and Dad's who needed flexibility and money but also want to create wonderful things. 

And so, The Doppler Effect was born.

The Doppler Effect was founded in 2015, inspired by, to name a few things, the extraordinary Bowie, mindfulness and the time needed to write a sci-fi novel. It is an organisation that exists to help people take creative thoughts and ideas and actually make them happen.

The Doppler Effect is here to help creators and founders from any discipline or background make a living wage. Using years of marketing experience and a love for the unusual we provide creators with the tools and support necessary to make their ideas a reality. We're lovers of expression, and more than that, lovers of the creative process. We believe that creativity can be expressed in a million ways, whether that be with art, or music or maybe even a business idea. Sometimes people just need that helping hand to ensure their ideas are heard.

The Doppler Effect is here to help these people. To help creators, no matter who they are or where they come from, to make their day-to-day into something exciting. To help people like you.

So come chat with us about ideas and your passion for life. All we ask is that you bring us your love for what you do and the idea that goes with it. We’ll help the rest happen.