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About Us


The Doppler Effect was founded in 2015 by our lovely founder, Danielle. After 18 years of working for British startups and iconic brands as a 'jack of all trades' marketeer, she decided to make a change. Inspired by, to name a few things, the extraordinary Bowie, mindfulness, and the time needed to write a sci-fi novel, she decided that what she wanted to do was create an organisation. Specifically, an organisation that existed to help people take creative thoughts and ideas and make them happen.

And so, The Doppler Effect was born.

The Doppler Effect is here to help creators and founders from any discipline or background make a living wage. Using years of marketing experience and a love for the unusual we provide creators with the tools and support necessary to make their ideas a reality. So whether that includes us working out a collaboration between creators or us all sitting down and figuring out what the missing piece is, we’re here to help. We provide a platform and a network of other creators, alongside our advice and resources, to ensure that you get to do what you love.

All we ask is that you bring us your love for what you do.


The Doppler Effect